Bharat Bill Payment System

Bill Payment

Bharat Bill Payment System facilitates the installment of bills and enhances the security and speed of bill pay. The administration is accessible in different installment modes, on the web and through a system of specialists. A moment affirmation is produced for the bill installments. The BBPS will change the general public from money to electronic installment framework making it less reliant on money .Currently you can pay charge for Utility (Electricity, Landline. Gas, water, Etc.) .

Bharat Bill Payment System is a stage for a wide range of bill installments. National Payments Corporation of India has created it to make charge installments less demanding. It is an incorporated and interoperable bill installment benefit for clients crosswise over geologies. It offers unwavering quality and wellbeing of the exchanges. You can pay your bills utilizing BBPS from anyplace whenever. Additionally, it enables you to pay charges through systems of operators or on the web. You get various installment modes with moment affirmation of the installment. With BBPS, you can pay your bill utilizing electronic exchange rather than pay in real money. Subsequently, it is said to be a major advance towards a paperless money society.

Bharat Bill Payment System may be a unified bill payment system for India. The BBPS intends to supply all kinds of bill categories and accessible bill payment services to customers through a network of agents, and enabling multiple payment modes, and providing instant confirmation of payment. Bharat Bill Payments System is associate integrated on-line platform under the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) for every kind of bill payments. This BBPS service can run through a network of agents and on-line modes to modify payment of bills via multiple payment modes beside instant generation of receipts of payments. To begin with, the scope of BBPS can cover the bills of utility service corporations.


1). Utility service suppliers would be ready to get payments instantly and replicate instantly.
2). BBPS system accept all kind of bill payment across India
3). Payments would be created firmly through the NPCI network with instant receipts obtaining generated.
4). Agents or client will check their bill detail by submitting bill variety in BBPS system.
5). Customer receive instant confirmation over register variety or email

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