mPOS Machine ( Mobile Point Of Sale )

Bill Payment

JUST PAY INDIA mPos transforms your smart device into a secured credit card acceptance terminal. You can accept VISA and Master Cards using your exiting smart phone or tablet. It is as easy as inserting a credit card into the mPOS reader, signing on the device screen and receiving an e-Receipt.
As India's first interoperable OS, it's a banking innovation that will serve any bank customer using the Aadhaar Biometrics certification system or open-end credit interface. The MicroATM Machine is operated by an agent with a touch-based interface and includes a card reader and receipt printer for printing receipts for all transactions. An integrated fingerprint sensor is employed to verify all transactions. The customer has multiple ways to access his/her checking account, including account number, Aadhaar number, link telephone number, and ATM card number.

mPos Benefits

1).Accept payments through any bank Debit/Credit cards for the goods/ services sold to your customers.
2).Provide Cash Withdrawal facility to your customers upto ₹2000.
3).NO setup fees, NO monthly fees, NO hidden fees.
4).Quick & Secure settlement of transactions.
5).Small, handy device, easy to carry and takes minimal counter space.
6).No Swipe Limit & Accept all cards
7).You can make use of multiple services offered by Payworld & diversify your business.
8).You can connect your machine to any type of account whether it's a Saving Account/Current Account.
9).It can be activated within one working day.

What is difference between Micro ATMs and POS device?

Micro ATMs are similar to point of sale (PoS) terminals and are a doorstep mobile banking arrangement cum-mobile ATM device. But Bank provide best commission on each withdrawal through Micro ATM.

Micro ATMs are a mini version of an ATM. Micro ATMs are point of sales terminals which can connect to banking network to perform banking transactions through GPRS connctivity. The micro ATMs are best for carrying out cash transactions easily in situation when ATMs are running dry or ATMs are so far or not available. They are developed with features like point of sales (POS), connecting banking networks through GPRS for carrying bank-related transactions. Equipped with card swipe facility, the Micro ATMs can even operate via fingerprint scanner or card swipe facility. Generally, these mini ATMs are situated in remote or mobile locations.

These machines are carried by bank representative (Shopkeeper, retailer) at remote/mobile locations. These machines are handy, portable and not capable of keeping any cash. The cash is carried by the bank representative along with him/her. He/She is also responsible for collecting a cash and depositing it user account.Among the benefits these Micro ATMs are that they are portable devices, have low cost option, biometric related secure transaction and also have low-cost features.

Aadhaar Enabled Payment Systems and Micro ATM devices allow essential financial transactions such as Cash Withdrawal and Balance Enquiry. Users can swipe their debit cards on the machine and withdraw the respective amount of cash. Balance enquiry through a secure PIN/ID based system can also be done. Through its focused efforts, The Micro ATM is invented to help people of the rural area for the financial inclusion. However, in heavy shortage of cash problem Micro ATM machines can provide benifits to everyone.

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